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Kingthings Kurllie

For a friend opening a shop selling jewellery, I designed a shop signage using Propitious Clouds - the ancient Chinese good luck symbol - long story short, I liked the few letters I'd made so here's the font - no lower case just a filled upper case and no numbers/punctuation - sorry!(ish)


Kingthings Needles

I was asked - admittedly about two years ago, if I would consider making a font to do with yarns and knitting - I expect that they had in mind something flowing and twiddly - so did I as it happens and then this turned up... Wot a life! (And yes, I do know that different sized needles have different numbers... don't you think it was complicated enough? (sobs gently into rapidly thinning beard).


Kingthings Lickorishe

When I started this font it was called Pestle... It didn't run - it didn't even walk. At some point I thought, Hmm! Looks a bit like Liquorice! And now... Voilar!  I remember being able to buy about a yard of Liquorice rolled round a central comfit - how fab! Tuppence worth of sticky afternoon! You could also buy bundles of Liquorice root - which looked like black twigs with bright yellow wood - they left my teeth full of black barky twiggy bits...

The past is a strange Lady - Bless her!

This was almost Kingthings Leechy... just another one of my bulbous shiny things - I have always liked letter-shapes with 'bottom', probably a 70's thing, as many a seventies thing did indeed possess it - including the fabulous Chaka Kahn... Oooh, Diva!


Kingthings Scrybbledot

The Scrap booking People have asked for grungy fonts - and this is one of my efforts to comply. I scribbled the letters in Paint shop Pro and imported the results into my font program directly. This is the first font i have created directly on the computer without any paper sketches - I think it took considerably more work!


Kingthings Frontwards

Daft font based on Times New Roman - I claim no copyright to this font and its sibling Kingthings Backwards - they are both intended to be 'filler letters' to be used with the parent font - I can do subversive in a very small way - the odd letter thrown into a letter to a bank manager, makes a grey day very slightly brighter.

Kingthings Backwards

Daft font based on Times New Roman - I claim no copyright to this font and its sibling Kingthings Frontwards - they are both intended to be 'filler letters' to be used with the parent font - I can do subversive in a very small way - the odd letter thrown into a letter to a bank manager, makes a grey day very slightly brighter.


Kingthings Widow

This font started out as something entirely different - called 'Elspeth' - don't know why, but there will probably be a Kingthings Elspeth at some point... As I began my process, cobwebs and spiders kept turning up - it may have been around Halloween. I love spiders because I have always disliked flies - well it makes sense to me, and I leave a spider ladder over the edge, when there's a little eight legged friend in the bath... (One of these days I will wake up helplessly spun in silk and will realise, all too late, my terrible error.)




 Picture of me above having a stroll, was made when I had not had a Danish pastry OR coffee. It's quite a good likeness though. I have a background in Art and Design, worked for many years as a display designer and currently I am able to indulge my love of fonts by making my own. I have been designing fonts for about six years and have found the process suits my detailed and nit picking qualities down to the ground (of course it also makes the whole process a complete nightmare). I hope that you enjoy using my free fonts.


Mac Users, You should be OK using my .TTF files as long as you are using OSX or later, save them to your machine and then place them in your fonts folder.

Click on the samples below to download my fonts

Calligraphy Based Fonts


Kingthings Calligraphica

 This font is based on letterforms I learned at school during Art A levels... Seems forever ago...It was!

Diacritics updated 4th February 2006



Kingthings Calligraphica Light


This font is the result of feedback from users on the Web - People asked if there was a light

version and there wasn't - now there is



Calligraphica Italic

This font is the result of me not knowing when to stop - oh and being fed up with 'italicized' text not looking right.  It took more doing than you might imagine!



Kingthings Xander

This font is based on a pen built form - though I have taken several downright liberties to get it to work as a windows font, for which I apologise to it - though not unreservedly...



Kingthings Xander Outline

This font came about after a suggestion by my good friend Anne - asking for something a bit different and an outline font of which there are precious few.



Kingthings Gothique

This font is Anne's fault... She suggested something a bit more out of the ordinary - I could only try... and now look, it's an odd beast but 'tis mine very own.



Kingthings Petrock

This is based on letterforms found in a small city Church in Exeter - St Petrock's, and is from a display case about bell ringing. A lovely simple labelling hand, I think I've done it justice...

Kingthings Petrock Light

This font is a lighter form of the above - makes both of them more usable.



Kingthings Kelltika

With help from Antoine, Anne and Kate - Thanks to all. It is based on letterforms from The Book Of The Kells (and others) - I may make a less formal version or something later...



Kingthings Italique

Is based again on letterforms that I learned at school - and because? I like spiky! - See Spike below. This font can be used with the flourishes set - again see below.



Kingthings Spike

Was made because Buffy has one, I made Xander... Willow is yet to come - (see below). Oh and because I hate Engravers Old English! Pugin, eat my shorts! Sorry!

Kingthings Spikeless

was requested by those who actually want to read text... well I call that picky, but if you must, here it is no flourishes, just my small homage to black-letter.


Kingthings Versalis

 - Both contained in the same font file, this font only contains capitals as they are supposed to be Versals - i.e. they were used in illuminated manuscripts for the capital letters starting verses.  They work well with my calligraphic fonts.  I made both a solid and an outline form because I can use one to 'fill' the other when overlaid 



Kingthings Flourishes

 - this is not a font it is an adjunct to the 'real' calligraphic fonts like Petrock and Calligraphica and can be used in graphics programs to add flourishes.



Kingthings Christmas

 - Based on Kingthings Petrock - this is a display font and needs to be used at least an inch high to see any detail.  Happy Christmas!


Kingthings Foundation.

This was the first font I started, it has taken years to get even slightly finished. It is base upon the first Calligraphic foundation hand that I learned whilst at school... Holders and Reservoirs, Mitchell round hand pens and black Indian ink - Oooo!  Luverly!



Kingthings Exeter

I wanted to make a really simple pen built font with no serifs, as usual, the simpler the font, the more work it took to get it right. It's named for where I live, it was about time.


Other Faces

Kingthings Serifique

I  guess all typographers at some point think "Well I'll just have a go at a standard text face..." There is a long story here somewhere, suffice it to say that I started with the Ultralight version- typical. I wanted to make a standard serif text face - until I saw it in print and thought "Yuk! it looks like everything else!"  - still does really but with twiddles and pooneys...  Four weights so far:

Kingthings Serifique

Kingthings Serifique Light

Kingthings Serifique Ultralight

Kingthings Serifique UL wide



Kingthings Wrote

 - Sorry to one and all, there were mis-mapped characters in my first version, so it really is still in development then... I hate my life sometimes (NOT!)



Kingthings Eggypeg

 - Having been asked to make a Christmas font, I pondered upon other holidays and came up with this. If you need less decorated letters to mix with it - it is based on Kingthings Willowless. As always, I get a bit carried away, so you may need to tone it down for your own work.

Have fun!



NOTE: For this and others of my fonts, you will need to use Character Map (Or the much better Character Map Pro - available free on the web), to access the image characters - although they should all be available on standard keyboards. For example, the pile of eggs is accessed with the \ key, The Easter egg in the grass is the shifted < key.


Kingthings Spirogyra - I doodle you know... I remember with wonder, Biology lessons at 'big' school, with Microscopes, and a filamentous pondweed called Spirogyra - it had a nucleus like a star too - There's wonderful.



Kingthings Knobson

 - Having made Spirogyra, a decorative font, I found I liked the way the lower case set as text, so I made separate capitals to go with them, and Voila!, we have Kingthings Knobson... (if we're not very careful, Oh, too late - fonts spontaneously generate you know, like Elephants).



Kingthings Inkydinky

 - I am making a font called Kingthings Serifique (well, that's what it's called this morning) - I got side tracked - again!  Filling and testing fountain pens for the Charity shop in which I work... Mother always said I'm a filthy Herbert.  Doesn't a little Ink go a long way?



Kingthings Clarity

A while ago I read a letter in a PC magazine where a guy was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't find a free dyslexia font - long story short, this is mine - and it is free.




Kingthings Conundrum

I have said before you know - I can if I want to (Stamp! Scowl!)

Cod Chinese of the worst kind, I wanted a 'Chinese' font for a project and couldn't find what I wanted. I painted this font with a Chinese brush and imported the resultant mess - it's been a while since I did any 'Chinese calligraphy' - add that to the fact that I don't read or speak Chinese...

You will find two sets of 'upper case' characters in this font - one set is on it's side to aid setting my 'Chinese' Top to bottom - right to left - if you're that anal...  I am.




Kingthings Hand

 This font came about when I was lettering the other fonts and toyed around with my own hand writing. This font is finally finished - well as finished as I get!



Kingthings Hand Light

  Hand Light is now finally complete! Sorry to all for the delay. Makes the bolder version more useable - Oh yes it does!




Kingthings Sans

 is because I fancied a sans serif face with flourishes of an ilk - and yes, I can do Odd! Based on Kingthings hand, so that explains nothing, sorry!



Kingthings Chimaera

Neither one thing nor t'other, hence Chimaera. Again based on Kingthings Hand, but with rather more hair down and having a half holiday...



Kingthings Organica 2

 This font is finally finished! It may have taken a while, and I have finally gotten round to digitising this properly - sorry to all who have the old copy.



Kingthings Annex

This is a development of Organica 2, I made it for Anne who is a definite earth mother type and who gardens constantly! She lives in the Annex... and signs everything Annex...



Kingthings Trypewriter

Is a deconstructed typewriter face. I have always loved decayed fonts, this is the first of mine - and yes, I know there are lots of these around - this one is MINE



Kingthings Printingkit

 This was made because I used to have a John Bull Printing kit - what can you do? the 'need' doesn't go away! (and yes! I know it's not the same!)



Kingthings Xstitch

   Because I couldn't find one when I wanted one- it doesn't 'work' at small sizes! Again, there are others out there, this is mine!



Kingthings Whizzbang

Started as an experiment and then folks wanted it completed... I have got there in the end.  Unfortunately, it has spawned and now we have Flashbang... and Poppalock...



Kingthings Flashbang

 is a little more formal than its Dad -but not much! It is also even more of a display face - it needs to be at least 2 inches tall to work properly, not really a text face...



Kingthings Poppalock

This font is basically Anthea's fault - I showed her Flashbang and she said "Mmmm reminds me of those beads you used to see" - Poppalock beads - I played with them as a child...



Kingthings Pique'n'meex

    A change is as good as a rest - fed up with detailed tweaking of foundation (coming soon) I loathe Arial and Times for their ubiquity and multiple lazy re-use...



Kingthings Linear K

Yes. I know it's horrible! that doesn't mean I shouldn't do it - well, even if it does....

I can do sulky.



Kingthings Embroidery

This is a homage to all the horrible embroidered hanky initials... I used to suck a corner of mine when I was small. Mmmm! irony - no, it tasted of being ironed!




Kingthings Willow and Willowless

These fonts started out very much different to how they ended up,  Willow was based on a sheaf of willow twigs, with stars for added 'twing!' Unfortunately the font size was huge and I settled on this simplified version.  It was originally designed with Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer in mind - it ended up as a decorated font - because I like making them. Kingthings Willowless is less ornate and makes a good contrast if all the embellishment of Willow is too much of a good thing.


Kingthings Lupine and Lupineless

Did I say I can if I want to? Well I made this for a character in a Terry Pratchett Book - Reaper      Man - He's called Lupine and is getting very fond of a girl called Ludmilla - Her mother is Mrs Cake... Don't ask about Mrs Cake. To help you not to ask about Mrs Cake, The clergy holds that speaking to the dead is blasphemy and abomination - Mrs Cake holds that it's only common courtesy. I digress - sorry. He's a werewolf, It's a hairy font.  Do not call it Kingthings Pube.



Kingthings Extortion

has taken a while to get right - I felt that a supposed 'ransom note' font should at least try to look a little random - as if torn out and pasted up - hence no upper or lower case as such, just letters to interchange.  It works best if you try a mixture of capitals and lower case letters, and then go through your document to see where double usage occurs.



Kingthings Facetype

I made this font having thought of the name - maybe not the usual way to go about font design... It is based upon Kingthings Exeter and can be used to embellish that font or just as decorated capitals. I enjoyed making this font and it was one of the quickest to do - I just got completely absorbed by the project. I hope that you enjoy using this daft font as much as I did making the silly thing.



Kingthings Bloone!

This font has been lurking and unfinished and then I finally thought - get on with it you git!  Exactly what is says on the tin - no more no less - I still hate that letters are the same as each other in display faces (?) so no upper and lower case, just alternates to be mixed up. And clouds and seagulls...



Kingthings Stirrup

Detailed work on Tendrylle meant that I needed a break; and as I am mad, the break took the form of another font. Stirrup is built of pre-made shapes, more or less, so it was quite quick to do - oddly, not much work and I really like it! If only it happened more often...



Kingthings Wrecktangle

This font came at me out of nowhere - Sorry it's so horrible but I was reading a book about Audio Technology in the 70's - they used something like this for the headings...



Kingthings Slipperylip

Well, I've been growing insectivorous plants for years... I think something has finally sunk in and demanded to be a font - there may be others, you have been warned! (they're spooky these plants, they lurk and pew).



Kingthings Sheepishly

I like sheep, they are exactly as bright as they need to be to hunt down grass.  No upper and lower case, just mix them up - you will need Character Map Pro to access all the extra bits. (Trees, flowers, lambs etc).



Kingthings Tendrylle

This font came from doodling - again! There is a saying used in psychotherapy 'Taking a line for a walk' - this font does that... and so do I. Obviously, this face has organic elements - that seems to be the way my work is going at the moment - Tendrilly, Seedpoddy, Graftknobbly, Curlywurly, Beadyweedy, - and none of those are even words... Hurrah! 

Do I need to add that it's not a text face - do I?

Coming Soonish! To a Website Near You...

Below you will find some of my upcoming fonts, hopefully they won't be too long in coming - but I make no promises... I can so do distracted!


Kingthings Gutenberg - When I wanted one, I couldn't find the Gutenberg font I wanted - one that will 'set' like the original type.  There are others available, mine will take a while yet...


Kingthings Tribal - I like the tribal tattoos and graphics that are around the place right now - but I could only find one font... An idle hand is a busy hand!

Not a text face 


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